Who we are

The history of the foundation initiates at the beginning of 2013, having the form of a program for free education for children of the musicNart School in Limassol. We began by offering children of destitute families the unique world of music, dance, expression, rhythm, and creativity. Subsequently all this developed a step further, acquiring the form of a program offering free education to those children of the school who were in need of financial support.

In the early years of the program, the school covered the free education of children.


The program was judged successful when in December 2016 it had 25 children under its auspices. The need for developing the program not only in terms of covering the whole of Cyprus but also in terms of increasing the number of children participating led to the establishment of an independent foundation. In its initial stages the foundation managed to increase the number of the participating children, as well as to achieve cooperation with other schools. Additionally, the foundation has organized events with the aim of informing the public about its activities, as well as for the recruitment of members and volunteers, whether individuals or institutions.